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Proprietary Projects:

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, that is why most people don't recognize them" Ann Landers. 


"Enlightened", a proprietary platform for algorithmic trading.

The gateway with which we menage ours and our client's assets. 

A distributed environment with a centralized brain for execution and risk management, monitoring aggregate signals across dozens of quantitative models. Constantly scanning thousands of financial instruments worldwide for short lived opportunities.

Our strategy research, development and production center. 

A seamless backtesting environment where algorithms and models can be developed, replayed on historic market data, traded in paper mode, switched to production. 

Can drive itself in autopilot mode, with minimal human intervention, and can be overridden with macro-economic views that provide overlays to the raw opportunites. 

Pushed over ten millions individual transactions over its history with a dollar volume of over 50 billions usd (data as of 2017).  



"Crypto-currency", the new buzzword of the investing community. A novel family of assets where opportunities abound and with them risks that are in plain sight, and hidden risks. Once a land for technology people and "austrian" economists, only in the recent years it has attracted the attention of a broader investment community. Crypto-currency does not just mean bitcoins. New initial coin offerings, liquidity scattered across dozen of different coins and dozens of exchanges, some of which may freeze trading and customer holdings in certain instruments for extended periods, hard forks. These are just a glimpse into the risks that an investor need to face, but with them come once in a lifetime trading opportunities.

Our Crypto-Alchemy platform is a adaptation of our well tested algorithmic trading platform and approach to the world of crypto-coins. 

 Inventzia's Crypto-Alchemy platform follows and actively trade the top 15 crypto currency pairs for liquidity on the 3 most liquid exchanges, and it captures data for all other coins enabling us to spot rising opportunities ahead of the large less informed crowd.

We adapt many of our technical and quantitative based algorithms from our equity, fx and commodities trading to this new assets. We constantly monitor our single currency exposure and exchange exposure to reduce losses in a catastrophic event (many new cryptocurrency investors never even heard of Mt. Gox). Our largest exposures are scattered across multiple digital wallets off-exchange. Inventzia currently does not accept external investors into its crypto-alchemy platform.



"Wasabi Japonica" one of the most difficult to grow and most expensive crops. 

Demand for real wasabi rhizomes in the west is growing and wildly outpacing production. 

What Europeans, Americans and also many Asians  consume is not real wasabi, but horseradish with the addition of spicy mustard and artificial coloring agents. At best. 

The Japonica project involves a mixture of agricultural optimization and biotechnology. We aim to create, via proprietary natural selection processes, a variant of the wasabi japonica that can be grown and adapt to environments that are different from the shady gravel beds flooded with spring water of Japan. 

Need more details? 

Contact us via email, visit us, or use our Social Media channels.

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