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"Make Everything as Simple As Possible But Not Simpler" Albert Einstein. 

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." Linus Torvalds. 

Decision Analytics, Modeling And Strategic Solutions

We believe that no insight can be more valuable than one backed by evidence written in the data, discovered by analytics, driven by technology. 

Our team has more than half a century of aggregate experience modeling and understanding complex industry and academic problems, and providing technology based solutions.

We supply an all round analytics support to client's specific projects. Help them defining or improving their processes, advising on their strategic technology needs. We deliver to our clients end results, models, source code, user guide and best practices to help their decisions and business.


Our Practice Areas:

Quantitative Trading, Risk Management, Portfolio Analysis and Tailoring, Derivatives Pricing, Business Valuation, Real Options.

Data Science, Statistical Inference and Machine Learning

Engineering, Physics. 
Signal Processing, Dynamical Systems and Control Systems, Robotics (Arduino solutions) Elasticity and Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics (CFD), Numerical Analysis

Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Healthcare. 
Machine Learning in Genetics and Genomics, Bio-Chemical Data Mining, Bio-Statistic, Optimization of Chemical Processes

Medical Devices assessment and submission.

Commodities, Agriculture, Utilities. 
Forecasting, Trading, Operational Optimization. 

Econometric analyses for Social Sciences
Economics, Demographics, Consumer analyses, Behavioral Agent modelling, Retail, Social Media  

More: we keep an open mind...

We are always ready to learn and apply our quantitative skills to new sectors.

Contact us and we may be able to help your problem solving needs. 

Analytics and Modelling

Software Solutions:

We pride ourselves in building easy to read, modular, documented and maintainable code

Software Solutions
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