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Across disciplines we mine big datasets to uncover signal from noise
            We synthesize and use the knowledge 

“Without data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering about like deer on a freeway” – Geoffrey Moore.


The Inventzia Sci. Tech. Group:

  •  consulting services in the area of data analytics, model building, and custom made in-house software solutions. We do this for many topics in both physical sciences, engineering, social sciences and social engineering 

  • proprietary projects. Our own internal R&D, blue sky research as well as speculative real investments. The knowledge acquired in our proprietary projects flow naturally in our consulting and asset management services.  

Science, technology, inventiveness 

We explore innovative technologies and always strive to apply the scientific method to every problem we face

The deductive phase (detail oriented models):

  1. Define the problem and gather data

  2. Form one or more hypotheses based on existing knowledge

  3. Collect more - unseen - data and verify or falsify the original ideas


The inductive phase (try to truly understand why):

  1. Based on all data from the deductive phase draw general conclusions regarding the problem at hand.  General models, new more general hypotheses. Be creative, question everything.

  2. In line with what was learnt in this cycle, go back to the deductive phase. 

Data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are great tools to address the deductive phase. But those must not be confused with the solution to a problem. The deductive process can even be carried out autonomously by an AI agent - a machine instructed by our scientists. However the inductive phase still requires a human mind trained in science and critical thinking. And this is what sets inventzia apart.



Meet Our Core Team:

Dr. M. Bini

Founding Principal

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Academic: Dr M. Bini holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with dissertation on Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows, from Imperial College London in 2006. An MSc in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the university of Pisa in 2003.

Professional: Dr M. Bini has over ten years industry experience modeling financial time series, designing and mining extremely large data sets to produce unpublished forecasting models. Prior to becoming a managing principal at Inventzia, Dr M.Bini was first a quantitative analyst and trader focused on options pricing models at UBS Ag Investment Bank, and later a quantitative portfolio manager at hedge funds of the caliber of Millennium Capital Partners and Capstone in Nyc.

Areas of Interest: Finance, Derivatives Pricing, Risk and Portfolio Management, Volatility Dynamics, Automated Trading Systems, Options, System Dynamics, Control System Engineering, Signal Processing and Filter Design, Multivariate Time Series Modelling, Machine Learning, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Flight Dynamics and Flight Mechanics. Numerical methods for ordinary, partial and stochastic differential equations.

Favourite weapons of choice: Matlab, Python, Java, SQL.

Outside Activities: Dr M. Bini is a proud dad, a keen long distance swimmer and a savvy amateur astronomer.

Dr. L. Keller
Founding Principal

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Academic: Dr L. Keller holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH in 2008, and a BSc in Computer Science from ETH in 2005. 

Professional: Prior to becoming a managing principal at Inventzia, Dr Keller was a Senior Engineer at Siemens in Frankfurt. She then moved to London where she first joined Deutsche Bank in their econometric department where she was responsible for the technology and retail sectors. She moved onto the trading desk at DB for a period before venturing into the world of technology start-ups and data analytics applied to social media.

Areas of Interest: Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Econometric analysis, Big data analytics applied to Retail and Social Media. Economic forecasting and business valuation. 

Favourite weapons of choice: C++, Java, Python.

Outside Activities: Dr Keller is a keen cyclist and runner.

Mr S. Watanabe


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Academic: Mr Watanabe holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the university of Tokyo in 2010. He is now studying part time toward a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Professional: Prior to joining Inventzia, Mr Watanabe was an engineer at Dassault Aviation and Mercedes Benz. He later came to London to join Commerzbank as a quantitative analyst where he worked on their pricing team to support the various trading desks. 

Areas of Interest: Control Systems (autopilots), Deep Learning for Self-Operating machines, Structural Engineering, Financial time series modelling, options and derivatives pricing. 

Favourite weapons of choice: Matlab, Mathematica, Java, C++, Python.

Outside Activities: Mr Watanabe is a terrific amateur rally pilot.

Dr. J. Stratton

Founding Principal

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Academic: Dr J. Stratton  holds a PhD in Operational Research from King’s College London in 2009. An MSc in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the university of Wisconsin in 2004.

Professional: Dr J. Stratton has over ten years practical experience modeling industrial world problems in a range of sectors. Prior to becoming a managing principal at Inventzia, Dr Stratton initially worked at Monsanto in their biotechnology group in the US. He then moved to London to obtain his PhD. He later joined a Commodity trading firm as quantitative modeler before spending several years at Deloitte in their data analytics team targeting the Energy, Commodities, Utilities, Healthcare and Pharma sectors. 

Areas of Interest: Operational optimization applied to Utilities, Agriculture. Commodity time series modelling, Commodity derivatives, Energy trading. Automation, scheduling and Decision analysis. Machine Learning and Advanced Statistics, Bio-statistics. Numerical Optimization methods. Chemical Engineering and biotechnology.

Favourite weapons of choice: Python, R, Excel Vba, SQL.

Outside Activities: Dr Stratton is a proud dad, a keen long distance swimmer and a part time organic grower.

Dr P. Apruzzese
Partner - Head of AI

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Academic: Dr. P. Apruzzese holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, on numerical simulation of composite wing structures, from Imperial College London in 2008. An MSc in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Pisa in 2004.

Professional: Dr. P. Apruzzese has more than 13 years of cross-industry experience as a data science management consultant for top-tier consultancy firms like EY. She has a proven track record of leading teams to deliver complex data analytics projects on time and to consistently high standards. 

Areas of Interest: Risk and Portfolio Management, Multivariate Time Series Modelling, Volatility Dynamics, Commodity and Energy trading, Deep Learning, AI, Operational research, Decision analysis, Numerical Optimization methods.

Favourite weapons of choice: Python, Matlab, R, SQL, Excel/Vba

Outside Activities: Dr P. Apruzzese is a keen cyclist and a long-distance runner.

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