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Asset Management Services

"Bull Markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria" Sir John Templeton. 

We navigate the complexities of today's financial landscape, and we align our interest to that of our clients by reducing our management fees to just marginal costs.

The pillars of our investment philosophy are simple:

  • We are "quants", but we question our models with a seasoned trader's view.

  • No single approach is a perfect approach. No single approach can thrive in all types of environments. We adapt and twist a range of quantitative based factors (built on our core analytical expertise) coupled and backed with medium term macro views.


  • We do not confuse bull markets with genius, we navigate and manage risk, strive to build long lasting wealth that do not correlate with boom and bust cycles.


  • We look for pockets of opportunities in global equity markets, currencies, commodities and bonds. We have also adapted our proprietary platform in order to apply many of our systematic models to the newly growing field of crypto-currencies.

  • We use our proprietary platform (see Proprietary Projects) to constantly test our hypotheses about asset valuations, test our models and portfolios, design and prototype new ideas. 

What we offer:

A variety of managed accounts solutions that provide a range of risk adjusted return profiles to meet each of our client appetite for risk. From the more conservative approach concerned with capital preservation to the highly opportunistic speculator wanting to maximize growth. 

Need more details? 

Contact us via email, visit us, or use our Social Media channels.

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